David Barton: If People Call You a Homophobe, Call Them a Heterophobe! January 27, 2021

David Barton: If People Call You a Homophobe, Call Them a Heterophobe!

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton has never had a good academic response to facts. It turns out he doesn’t have good responses to insults either.

We’re getting attacked because “You love Trump!” and “You’re a cult for Trump!” What happens is you cannot back away from engaging in the debate. This is where you run to the roar. And if they want to call me a homophobe, I say, “Oh, so you’re a heterophobe, are you?” Just turn it back in the other direction.

Say, “You’ve got this bias against heterosexual people?” You can’t disengage from the debate just because they’re being mean or just because they’re saying things about you.

It has all the intellectual heft of conservatives shouting “Cancel culture!” in response to anyone facing consequences for the stupid things they say. It’s also utterly disingenuous. Supporting rights for same-sex people doesn’t mean you oppose them for straight people. That’s how inclusion works.

Barton doesn’t understand that because his entire career revolves around spreading the dumbest arguments he can think of to the dumbest Christians he can find.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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