El Cajon (CA) Mayor Celebrates Christian COVID Super-Spreader Event in City January 26, 2021

El Cajon (CA) Mayor Celebrates Christian COVID Super-Spreader Event in City

Over the weekend, Christian worship leader and MAGA cultist Sean Feucht, the Bethel Church-affiliated singer who has been hosting COVID super-spreader concerts around the country (disguised as spiritual revivals), played a concert in the city of El Cajon, California.

He brought together hundreds of maskless Christians to sing and dance and pretend like their blissful ignorance won’t lead to more dead bodies.

You may wonder: Why would a mayor allow such a dangerous event to take place?

No permit was issued for the event, but in this case, Mayor Bill Wells was an active participant, delivering the opening prayer before justifying the need for this COVID party:

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, who delivered the concert’s opening prayer, told the Union-Tribune he thinks the event was important because it gave people hope, which he said was badly needed during the pandemic.

Unbelievable. He’s giving people a chance to die of the very virus that requires them to need hope in the first place.

But that wasn’t even the dumbest thing Wells said. Rather than cite any epidemiologists regarding safety measures (or lack thereof), Wells quoted someone else:

“I want to emphasize I spoke with Sean (Feucht) who told me contact tracing shows this is not spreading the virus,” Wells said.

Oh. That should do it. Wells is taking the word of an arsonist who says there are no fires to worry about.

It won’t surprise you to learn Wells is a Republican. He has no problem with people dying. (Maybe someone should tell him those people were once fetuses.)

At least there was someone with common sense at that concert:

A lone protester, who only gave his name as “Michael,” wore a grim reaper costume, handed out face masks and heckled Feucht via a megaphone.

“How many people have you killed due to no masks at your events, Sean?” the man asked repeatedly through his megaphone.

It’s never good when the Grim Reaper is the voice of reason. But that’s what happens when you’re at a cult rally.

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