Televangelist: Anyone Watching This Video is “Free from Every Symptom of COVID” January 25, 2021

Televangelist: Anyone Watching This Video is “Free from Every Symptom of COVID”

Last month, Pastor George Pearsons, the son-in-law of televangelist Kenneth Copeland, denounced COVID restrictions as a form of “Nazism.”

But it’s nothing his congregation needs to worry about, apparently, because none of them have the virus anymore. That’s because Pearsons said Sunday that everyone was healed! Even the people watching the video.

He said this during a prayer:

… Father, we thank You, right now, and praise You, that COVID-19 is a name, and the name of Jesus is above that name. COVID-19, bow your knee. Bow your knee to the name which is above every name. And I thank you that this congregation is healed, and whole, and delivered. And Lord, all of those that are watching us right now, they are free from every symptom of COVID! We believe it! We receive it! And we thank You, Father, for it. In Jesus’ name!

Without the vaccine, no one is free from symptoms, much less “healed.” Some of they may very well die because they listen to this preacher. His own congregation attends in-person mask-optional gatherings.

More importantly, others may die because the people in this church choose to wrongly believe they are incapable of spreading the virus.

The COVID body count that can be directly traced to Christian negligence can’t be verified… but it sure as hell isn’t zero.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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