Preacher: Trump Will Still Win! We Must Be Patient… Like Noah with the Ark January 23, 2021

Preacher: Trump Will Still Win! We Must Be Patient… Like Noah with the Ark

Nebraska preacher Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries is still refusing to apologize for any of his wrong predictions about Donald Trump serving another presidential term.

Earlier this week, he said his doubters could “shove it.” He also said he would never repent for claiming Trump would get a second term in part because God hasn’t told him to.

I feel like we’re putting so much emphasis on an inauguration date, that the election has still some things that must be looked into, that will be looked into,” Kunneman said. “And you can’t tell me [that] over hundreds or thousands of prophetic voices, intercessors, believers, all missed it. In other words, I believe God is saying we need to wait and stand and take a position like David. Is there not a cause? And here’s what I would say, ‘Come back and talk to me in four years.’ You say, ‘That’s ridiculous. Four years? You said President Trump would be reelected.’ He was, but come back and talk to me in four years. In other words, they thought Noah was a fool. Noah prophesied something that had never been done in the history of the Earth. He said it would rain and the scoffers, the whole world was against him. You talk about a guy who the whole world was against, it was Noah. They scoffed at him, they rejected him, they mocked him. But in the end, they had prophetic blindness until God moved, and that’s what’s going to happen.”

Kunneman is caught in a lie and he’s choosing to double down on that lie. It doesn’t matter to him that the votes were counted and recounted. It doesn’t matter to him that Inauguration Day has come and gone. It doesn’t matter to him that Joe Biden is already working on reversing many of Trump’s catastrophic policies.

If there was a time for a “big reveal” where Trump somehow supplanted Biden as the “true” president, it’s strange to think it may happen after many of his policies have already been rescinded. It’s like objecting to a wedding after a couple’s first anniversary; where were you during the ceremony?

It’s not clear what Kunneman would have to see before admitting defeat. The election and inauguration didn’t do it, so what will?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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