COVID-Spreading Preacher: Joe Biden is Promoting an “Anti-Christ Agenda” January 23, 2021

COVID-Spreading Preacher: Joe Biden is Promoting an “Anti-Christ Agenda”

Christian worship leader and MAGA cultist Sean Feucht, the Bethel Church-affiliated singer who hosted COVID super-spreader concerts around the country (disguised as spiritual revivals), is now telling his social media followers all the gritty details about President Joe Biden‘s supposed “anti-Christ agenda.”

(Such is the consequence of not living in a theocracy, my friend.)

He reiterated that point in the Facebook video, in which he said, “This administration, I believe, is carrying some of the most anti-Christ agenda and philosophy that maybe we have seen in the history of America.” He warned, “There is a mob spirit that wants us to bow down to the gods of secular liberalism … and if we don’t bow, we’re gonna be bullied, harassed, and threatened. We’re going to be censored. We’re going to banished from speaking in the public square.

People like Feucht said all the same things before President Obama took office. They were never censored. They won’t be now. But Feucht’s followers don’t care. They think slogans like “Jesus Christ Superspreader” are cute and funny, even though they mock the hundreds of thousands of Americans killed by COVID. Critical thinking isn’t their strong suit.

As for getting “banished,” Feucht wasn’t even stopped from infecting people with a disease. In other words, he wasn’t censored even when he should have been. No one would be trying to stop him now if he wasn’t a literal danger to public health. And while harassment and threats are obviously wrong, you have to wonder how much of that backlash involves people simply calling Feucht out on social media for the harm he’s causing. He has a right to free speech; he does not have a right to avoid consequences.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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