Christian Who Spread “Prophecies” About Trump’s Victory Says It’ll Still Happen January 23, 2021

Christian Who Spread “Prophecies” About Trump’s Victory Says It’ll Still Happen

For months now, self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr has been making baseless claims about how Donald Trump would be re-elected, even after the election was over. This week, she claimed the whole Joe Biden inauguration was fictional.

She’s made most of these claims while appearing with Steve Shultz, the guy behind Elijah Steams. He’s the person who smiles and nods whenever she says something crazy — and never asks questions or pushes back on her lies.

As Right Wing Watch points out, Shultz had previously said he would apologize if Trump ended up not serving a second term.

Now would be a good time to apologize, then, right?

Of course not.

Yesterday, Shultz insisted God would miraculously bring Trump back to the White House. Somehow.

… all legal remedies have come and gone. They’re done. They’re over. So then you say, “Well then, how can you possibly believe that God could do this?” God never works with possibilities. He works with impossibilities… When He wants to show up and show off, He makes sure every single possibility is exhausted so that man can never say, “See? I knew if we held on long enough, the Supreme Court would do this…” or something like that…

So we’re giving you these prophetic proclamations and decrees and just the prophetic word of the Lord, not based on what we see could happen, but based on who we serve that tells us what He’s going to do.

That is a weird roundabout way to say he’s going to keep lying to his audience because something something Jesus.

It’s the same broken mindset that says the world is going to end because the Bible said so. By not including an expiration date, any prophecy might eventually come true. And if you’re one of these Christians, the election itself doesn’t count as the expiration date.

All the more reason for Democrats to push forward with as progressive an agenda as possible. Why not? God’s going to fix the situation eventually, so people like Shultz and Kerr should just accept it. God’ll fix the situation eventually, right?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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