Despite Everything, White Evangelicals Still View Donald Trump Favorably January 21, 2021

Despite Everything, White Evangelicals Still View Donald Trump Favorably

Now would be a very good time for Trump supporters to start jumping ship. If they haven’t already, they’ll have to reckon with the fact that their savior is gone from Washington and he’ll never spend another moment thinking about them. In fact, according to PRRI, Trump’s latest favorability ratings (31%) are the lowest they’ve been since before he entered office.

But there’s one group that continues clinging to his side: White evangelicals.

PRRI found that 62% of white evangelicals continue seeing Trump in a positive light, higher than any other religious denomination:

That graph only looks at white Americans. Everyone else pretty universally hates the guy. PRRI says “Less than one in five Protestants of color (19%) and religiously unaffiliated Americans (19%) view Trump favorably.”

Is anyone surprised at this point? White evangelicals have spent four years looking the other way whenever Trump committed atrocities while praising his cruelty and ignorance in exchange for right-wing (often unqualified) judges. Their morality was always bankrupt. We knew that. But with Trump in office, their moral bankruptcy and selfishness affected everyone else’s lives. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead because white evangelicals cared less about competent governance than making sure Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on their watch so they could replace her.

The graph is also a reminder that while Trump will disappear from the world stage, and maybe even Trumpism will decline over time, white evangelicals will never stop being irrational, cruel, intolerant, and hateful because they can always justify that behavior with faith. God gives them permission to do anything they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want.

Maybe the only good thing Trump ever did was expose the moral rot at the heart of evangelical Christianity. It’s our job to make sure their political alliance comes back to haunt them. From this point forward, whenever people think of evangelical Christianity, the first name that should pop into their mind ought to be Donald Trump.

He’s their standard bearer. They gave up on Jesus a long time ago.

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