Tony Perkins: Trump Could Prove Election Fraud in the Senate Impeachment Trial January 14, 2021

Tony Perkins: Trump Could Prove Election Fraud in the Senate Impeachment Trial

Christian hate-peddler Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has been carrying water for Donald Trump for years, so you might wonder how he could possibly be rationalizing the insurrection and second impeachment. But Perkins always finds a way.

Yesterday afternoon, Perkins explained that there was a silver lining to the impeachment for Trump:

… Here’s the double-edged sword for Democrats. Is that if the president has a trial, he can present evidence. And part of that evidence may be what has not been seen yet about this past election. So they need to be careful, the platform they give the president.

Perkins thinks there’s evidence of election fraud that Trump’s lawyers missed in every single legal case they filed but which will magically pop up during Trump’s Senate trial. Perkins doesn’t offer any hint in that clip of what the evidence could be, but there’s no missing context. You could let him speak for an hour and you’d never hear about this evidence because it doesn’t exist.

Perkins is a Christian Nationalist who doesn’t care how much damage Trump causes or how many people die because of his ignorance. He’s just a robot who reflexively backs a wannabe tyrant.

As some people online noted, the election fraud evidence will arise as soon as Infrastructure Week is over. Don’t hold your breath.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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