Hate-Pastor: Sure, I Predicted Trump’s Win, But I Didn’t Say God Agreed! January 12, 2021

Hate-Pastor: Sure, I Predicted Trump’s Win, But I Didn’t Say God Agreed!

Christian Hate-Preacher Greg Locke — yeah, I’m not done with him yet — apparently spend part of his sermon on Sunday defending his predictions that Donald Trump would be re-elected president.

In short, his predictions aren’t like those idiot prophets’ predictions because he never said God agreed with him.

But also, he claims he’s still right about Trump winning because… MAGA!

… Now, what’s floating around on the Internet is all of these people that — let me use the word loosely — prophesied that Trump was going to remain in the presidency for the remaining four years. Now they’re all being called false prophets, and so here’s what they’re doing. Now they’re sending out these letters and these statements saying, “Well, somehow or another, we got it wrong,” which, by the way, they’re going to feel very, very stupid in a couple of weeks.

So let me just say something: If you go back and watch every video from this platform or any video that I’ve done, even the one from the tree that I shared a couple of months ago or a month and a half ago about the dream, you will notate that I am very careful not to say “The word of the Lord told me to tell you that Donald Trump is going to remain the president for the next four years.” I have said I have good authority. I believe with all of my heart. I am a thousand and ten percent confident. But never one time did I say that Donald Trump is going to remain the president because the Lord told me that he was.

Now, I may have a strong opinion on that, but I’ve been careful not to willy nilly use those phrases, because when God tells me something, I want to make sure that God told me that something. Now, that being said, I’m not trying to backpedal, because there is one conspiracy theory in the world right now and only one. The real conspiracy theory are the foolish people that think Joe Biden is actually going to be the president of the United States on January the 20th. You have lost your mind if you believe that.

I can’t tell if he just backpedaled or flipped the bike over. The same guy who has spent months saying with absolute confidence that Trump would win can’t admit he’s wrong, so he’s trying to salvage his failed predictions by saying they carry slightly less weight because he didn’t precede them with the religious form of “Simon Says.”

This Christian doesn’t apologize. He just gets louder and assumes that’s a fair substitute.

He’s a Christian Nationalist who attended the Capitol coup (and blamed liberals for it) and thinks his never-ending defense of Trump will earn him praise from someone, somewhere, not realizing that everyone who’s not a member of his church just constantly mocks him for being a lunatic.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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