Franklin Graham: We Will Have a “Dark Winter” Due to Immorality, Not COVID January 2, 2021

Franklin Graham: We Will Have a “Dark Winter” Due to Immorality, Not COVID

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham, who’s supported Donald Trump throughout his presidency, says that COVID isn’t the biggest crisis we face in the months ahead. Challenging Joe Biden‘s recent claim that we’re about to experience the “dark winter of the pandemic,” Graham says the virus is hardly a worry:

Joe Biden has warned of a “dark winter” for our nation — and he’s right. But the dark winter we are facing is not due just to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s due to the moral decline of our nation and the political corruption we see throughout our country. My prayer is that truth will prevail in the political crisis that our nation is facing…

If Graham cared about political corruption, he could’ve used his platform to denounce Trump’s daily litany of lies, corruption, and crimes. Graham never did such a thing. To pretend like corruption sits at the feet of Democrats is to ignore everything we’ve been living through for years, if not decades.

The moral decline, too, starts at the top. When a president is allowed to get away with bigotry and misinformation, that’s going to have an effect on those of us who seek evidence-based truth. The pandemic is going to get worse before it gets better. That’s partly because of the lack of vaccines, followed closely by the number of people who supposedly refuse to get it and who refuse to abide by COVID restrictions. We also know what Graham means when he talks about immorality: He thinks our problems stem from LGBTQ rights, women’s autonomy, and the fight for social justice. Those are not the reasons we’re struggling as a nation.

The solution to our next few COVID-fueled months is to brace for it and prepare ourselves as best we can, not saying a prayer and spreading falsehoods.

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