Car Caravan Blocks Christian Preacher Sean Feucht’s NYE COVID-Spreading Concerts December 31, 2020

Car Caravan Blocks Christian Preacher Sean Feucht’s NYE COVID-Spreading Concerts

Christian worship leader and MAGA cultist Sean Feucht, the Bethel Church-affiliated singer who has been hosting COVID super-spreader concerts around the country (disguised as spiritual revivals), is still going through with a two-day New Year’s Eve COVID-stravaganza.

He’s appearing at the epicenter of two homeless communities in Los Angeles, likely spreading the virus to vulnerable people before running off, a trail of disease in his dust.

Los Angeles is struggling, like so many other large cities, with hospitals having to turn away patients because of all the COVID cases entering the building.

Feucht doesn’t care about them because he’s a selfish Christian.

But there is some good news.

There are a hell of lot more people who understand he poses a threat to the community — not because of what he believes, but because of his faith-based disregard for human life — and they’re putting together a plan to prevent him from hurting the homeless.

Remember back in the day when motorcyclists would form a circle around funeral services to prevent the bigots at Westboro Baptist Church from hijacking the event to spread their Christian hate?

Well, that’s the idea now. A car caravan is being formed to block the super-spreader event from taking place.

They were already out there last night:

Stephen “Cue” Jn-Marie — who founded the faith community known as The Row, or “The Church Without Walls,” in Skid Row — and Pete White — founder of the Los Angeles Community Action Network — are among the organizers taking part in the blockade.

In a statement Tuesday (Dec. 29), Jn-Marie and White said that “Feucht is waging biological warfare against a community he deems as defenseless.”

If a Christian is planning on hurting the community, it’s good to see other Christians pushing back against it. Feucht has no right to infect anyone he wants by donning a religious label. He’s spent all summer making sure everyone knows Christian is synonymous with selfishness and ignorance.

As I’ve said before, this is all one giant promotional campaign for his brand of Persecution Porn. If atheists tried to hurt as many Christians as Feucht is, it’d be considered a hate crime. It’s appalling that he’s able to get away with this just because of his faith.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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