A Retired Cleveland Detective Says God Helped Him Crack Cases December 31, 2020

A Retired Cleveland Detective Says God Helped Him Crack Cases

You know how it’s always weird when a police department says they’ve hired a psychic to help solve crimes? And everyone says that’s a waste of money, because it is, and then we all have a good laugh about the department’s incompetence?

Well, retired detective Rick Maruniak has just written a book about how he supposedly cracked cases with the help of the Lord called God Doesn’t Need a Badge.

No question, often police need a break to crack a case. Maruniak said he relied on help from heaven.

“The reason I wanted to write this book was that God was working. I would pray about a case. God would answer it sometimes within 24 hours,” Maruniak said.

Maruniak wrote the book after retiring from the Cleveland Division of Police. He worked in patrol, SWAT and the detective bureau in a 30-year career.

Spoiler: God didn’t solve the crimes.

Maruniak offers a few examples of God’s help in a recent news story, but they’re all just wild coincidences, some of which aren’t even all that unusual to begin with. Like this one:

He also details another case when an officer brought in a man on a drug case, and the suspect was handcuffed to his desk for questioning. That drug suspect turned out to be the man Maruniak had been trying to find for other crimes.

So a criminal he needed to question… turned out to have committed other crimes he was also exploring. That’s not a miracle. That’s just the sort of thing that could happen when you work in a big city police department.

His examples are all classic cases of counting the hits and ignoring the misses. Maruniak doesn’t talk about how many cases he worked on that didn’t require God’s help, or which he simply couldn’t solve at all, or why we couldn’t solve 100% of the cases assigned to him.

He’s only writing about the coincidences as if they’re proof of God’s power.

A more powerful God would’ve stopped the crimes from happening at all.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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