Martha’s Vineyard COVID Outbreak Linked to Christians Trusting Jesus Over Masks December 30, 2020

Martha’s Vineyard COVID Outbreak Linked to Christians Trusting Jesus Over Masks

There’s been a COVID outbreak in Martha’s Vineyard, the Massachusetts island, that involves 11 people, five of whom were members of a Bible study. The other six were either their family members or people living in their houses.

The outbreak itself isn’t surprising news at this point. They’ve happened across the country. But what’s really messed up is how COVID-ignorant the people in this Bible study group are.

Jim Osborn, a reporter who contributes to the MVTimes and happens to be in that study group, says that their leader, Rev. Dan Davey, hasn’t required masks at all… because he allegedly said Jesus would protect everyone.

Davey “never wore a mask,” Osborn said. “He sort of gave us the impression that because it was a Bible study, we were under God’s protection during the Bible study, and I guess we all made that same false assumption.”

He denied telling study group attendees that God would protect them.

“I don’t recall ever saying, ‘God’s going to protect you, don’t worry about it,’” Davey said. “But I live my life, frankly, that God’s going to take care of me regardless. There were a lot of other viruses before COVID-19 came along, and I’m sure there’s more to come.”

Jesus Christ, these people… Does he not realize that many of the 330,000 dead Americans were Christians who believed in his God? They died. Jesus didn’t help them. I guess he thinks none of them were truly devout.

Davey kept digging his own grave, saying that contact tracing was an “inexact science,” that masks are all about personal freedom and that their efficacy is suspect because “The science on mask wearing is very inexact,” and that the COVID death count needed to be “put in perspective” with the flu. He’s either flat-out wrong or missing the point on all of those claims.

If there’s any silver lining here, it’s that the Bible study group has ended its in-person gatherings due to the cold weather and holidays. But the number of positive COVID cases stemming from that Bible study remains large, and there’s no telling how many other people they’ll spread it to. On an island like Martha’s Vineyard, where senior citizens are all over the place, it’s possible strangers will suffer because of the irresponsibility of these Christians.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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