Lauren Daigle Still Doesn’t Get Why Singing at a COVID-Spreading Rally Is Bad December 21, 2020

Lauren Daigle Still Doesn’t Get Why Singing at a COVID-Spreading Rally Is Bad

Christian singer Lauren Daigle has responded to criticism about her appearance at worship leader Sean Feucht‘s super-spreader concert event after it got her booted from the nationally televised “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” show.

Her response boils down to asking people to stop blaming her for an utterly irresponsible and thoughtless action on her part.

In a statement Thursday evening, the Christian pop star from Lafayette said she is “disappointed that my spontaneous participation” in the French Quarter rally “has become part of the political discourse and I’m saddened by the divisive agendas of these times.

“To be clear, I had no part in creating or planning the event that took place in the French Quarter last month. I was not scheduled to perform, and I was not a part of its promotion. Out riding my bike with a friend, I saw NOPD barricades set in place and uniformed police officers providing protection for a gathering of people that had come to pray. I was asked to sing.

“To me, that is the very moment when music serves its higher purpose. It’s what gives people encouragement, hope for a better future, and it’s what can usher joy into their hearts. My involvement was focused on lifting spirits, providing hope, and encouragement, during these polarizing times.

That’s pretty much in line with what we’ve seen from conservative Christians who refuse to acknowledge the seriousness of this pandemic. This isn’t a “political” issue. This is about public health. The only thing “divisive” about this are the people choosing to make this a religious freedom issue when it’s literally about life or death. Is her momentary joy of a worship concert — without masks or social distancing — going to feel worthwhile when some of those attendees or their family members are on a ventilator?

Daigle may not have planned to sing at Feucht’s event, but she didn’t say no to participating in it and giving it a boost. She didn’t tell the audience to go home, or even to put on face masks and stop standing so close to each other. Her participation — and her lack of concern for a virus that has devastated so many families around the country — shouldn’t be rewarded with a major gig.

Her statement doesn’t indicate she’s learned anything over the past week.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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