A Megachurch Pastor Who Attended the White House Christmas Party Now Has COVID December 21, 2020

A Megachurch Pastor Who Attended the White House Christmas Party Now Has COVID

Last week, Atlanta megachurch pastor Jentezen Franklin attended the White House Christmas party, a mostly maskless gathering of people who still haven’t figured out we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

He even bragged about it on Instagram, celebrating the occasion with his daughter.

Well, you’ll never believe what happened next.

According to a message yesterday morning from his fellow pastor, around the 27:15 mark, Franklin has now tested positive for COVID.

“We want to make you aware that pastor Franklin has come in contact with Covid, but he is doing perfectly fine,” [Javon] Ruff told the congregation, according to local media reports.

He added: “He actually is doing great. He went and got tested and his test came back positive so he is doing the right thing to do and staying quarantined and continuing to be distanced.

The “right thing” would’ve been to not attend the super-spreader event at the White House, stop holding idiotic in-person worship services, and tell his congregation to take the virus seriously. While there’s no confirmation that the White House event was where he caught COVID, the timeline doesn’t rule it out.

The church says it’ll hold a Christmas Eve service virtually later this week. That’s good. However, indoor in-person services are still scheduled for this coming Sunday. (It’s not clear if a Christmas service will be held inside the church.)

If this is what Franklin thinks leadership looks like, he’s just leading his congregation off a cliff.

Jesus isn’t a substitute for a vaccine. Everyone should avoid large gatherings with other people. Masks are effective. When will his congregation be told any of that?

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