Watch These Christian Megachurches Stage Elaborate, Expensive Christmas Shows December 20, 2020

Watch These Christian Megachurches Stage Elaborate, Expensive Christmas Shows

You all enjoyed watching Christian megachurch leaders praising each other so much that I’ll give you another slice from the same pie.

Here’s what some megachurches are doing to celebrate Christmas. Far from a simple Nativity play, these are Broadway-style performances that, I think, are meant to bring you closer to Jesus.

I haven’t figured out the connection yet, but maybe you can fill me in.

How much money is wasted on these performances… and for what real purpose? Does any of that scream “birth of Christ” to you? Does any of that make you want to join these churches? I have to imagine it does or else they wouldn’t be doing it, but then I have to question the type of people suckered in by these spectacles who think they’re somehow more devout as a result of watching the show.

Whatever the case, remember that the same people putting on these shows often claim Christians like them are being persecuted. That was always a lie, but this video makes clear just how big the lie is.

(via Steven Kozar. Thanks to Barry for the link)

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