Christian “Prophetess”: God Was “Laughing Loudly” at the Electoral College Vote December 18, 2020

Christian “Prophetess”: God Was “Laughing Loudly” at the Electoral College Vote

Self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr, a woman who says with unearned confidence that there is football in Heaven, that Donald Trump won a surefire landslide victory in the election he just lost, and that God puts back miscarried babies, is once again making things up in the name of Jesus.

This time, she claimed that God was “laughing loudly” at the thought of Joe Biden winning the Electoral College… even though that’s exactly what happened.

… When I woke up yesterday, He was laughing. I mean, I heard Him laughing loudly. And He said, “I’m laughing because of what they have said the electoral vote came to.” Of course… it went for the other side. And God said, “None of that matters… It’s not changing My plan.”

This is what God said: “I don’t care who calls Biden president. He will never be president. I won’t allow darkness to sit in this country or control this country. America is My gift, that I called forth, to be a blessing to this world. And I will have righteousness, justice, liberty, and freedom for all in that country.”

And He said, “The others who don’t want it, then they will not have a great future, maybe not a future at all.”

As we all know, God just sits around Up There telling His innermost secrets to Kat Kerr…

The moral of the story? If Christians say God is speaking to them, they’re lying to you or delusional. They need help. At the very least, other Christians need to call them out on it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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