Here’s a Pastor Jumping Into a Baptismal Pool to Get a “Fresh Touch from God” December 17, 2020

Here’s a Pastor Jumping Into a Baptismal Pool to Get a “Fresh Touch from God”

Pastor Jeremiah Johnson, a self-described “prophet” who said recently that Dr. Anthony Fauci was a “big rat” sent by Satan to thwart Donald Trump and that COVID is a “demonic attack” against Baby Boomers, also happens to be a fan of baptisms.

Like, a big fan.

That’s not necessarily surprising or unusual coming from a pastor, but recently, supposedly under the power of the Holy Spirit, Johnson quite literally flipped into a baptismal tank during a revival service.

In a clip captioned, “Jeremiah decided to jump into the baptismal waters tonight during the altar call and receive a fresh touch from God for himself. More Lord!!!” The pitiful prophet tells the congregation, “I want to be the first one in tonight” and then can be seen running across the stage, not unlike a swine looking for a cliff to jump over, and joins the team who were in the process of baptizing another person.

The team then baptizes him, as he throws his arms up in triumph.

How this is supposed to bring people closer to God is anyone’s guess. But this is what happens when church becomes an entertainment center rather than a place of worship.

That said, it shouldn’t be either one of those things at the moment, given that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. There’s no social distancing or face masks at that makeshift faith-based water park. Just a guy in a suit jumping into a baptismal pool for reasons unknown.

(via Protestia)

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