Christian Preacher Calls Out Trumpism as “Dangerous” and “Not of God” December 14, 2020

Christian Preacher Calls Out Trumpism as “Dangerous” and “Not of God”

Among white evangelical preachers, Beth Moore has been unique over the past few years because she’s used her virtual pulpit to call out the hypocrisy of the Christian Right. It even led to one pastor telling her to “go home

Yesterday, she pulled no punches in calling out Trumpism and Christian Nationalism. It came on the heels of a MAGA cult rally in Washington, D.C. on Saturday that featured many prominent conservative Christians.

She’s right that, for many Americans, Trumpism is both “seductive & dangerous.” Those of us who aren’t members of her conservative Christian tribe have been saying that for years. But it obviously means more coming from someone who shares the faith of many of MAGA cultists.

Religion News Service points out that Moore wasn’t alone in the denunciation either. Former Liberty University professor Karen Swallow Prior said something similar:

Once again, I’m grateful she said that. And once again, I’m internally screaming about how she missed what critics have been saying about conservatives for years.

It’s not news that the Republican Party is morally bankrupt and frequently corrupt. They don’t play fair. They use their power to hurt people. This happened long before Trump even if he accelerated and amplified the problem.

How ignorant do you have to be at this point to still vote for Republicans at any level, if you actually care about decency, evidence-based policies, and more effective government?

It’s one thing if you didn’t see this until Trump came along, because you weren’t paying close attention, even though it was there for decades.

But maybe the Christians who didn’t recognize the batshittery among their own tribe members until now will do us all a favor and start listening to — and appreciating and amplifying — those of us who saw what was happening this whole time. At least recognize that the critics were never “anti-Christian” despite the best efforts of conservatives to paint us that way.

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