COVID-Denying TN GOP Lawmaker Asks God for “Miracle” to Help Him Overcome COVID December 13, 2020

COVID-Denying TN GOP Lawmaker Asks God for “Miracle” to Help Him Overcome COVID

A Tennessee lawmaker is currently in the hospital after testing positive for COVID. State Rep. David Byrd is now calling on God to perform a “miracle” so that his condition doesn’t require a ventilator.

I really need a miracle today!!” Byrd wrote Thursday. “My doctor said if my oxygen level doesn’t improve then he has no choice but to put me on a ventilator. So please pray that God will breathe His healing spirit into my lungs!!

Maybe he wouldn’t need to resort to supernatural pleas if he had taken the virus seriously in the first place. Instead, Byrd rejected wearing a mask during legislative sessions, went to in-person social gatherings, and supported a resolution saying the pandemic was “sensationalized” by the “mainstream media.”

Oh, and by the way, it turns out he’s a horrible human being for other reasons, too:

Byrd, a former teacher and principal, in 2018 was accused by three former students of sexually assaulting them in the 1980s when he coached their girls basketball team at Wayne County High School.

He never publicly denied the allegations, but said he has done nothing wrong while in office.

As of last night, Byrd is still struggling in the hospital. More importantly, though, countless other families are suffering because Republicans like him disregarded expert advice on dealing with the virus and exacerbated an already deadly pandemic.

He didn’t give a damn if other people suffered, and I can say that with confidence because he treated it like some sort of liberal hoax. But now that he’s suffering from it, he wants God to help him out. On Sunday, Byrd said he needed a nurse to plug an oxygen tube back into his body; yet by disregarding the pandemic for the past year, he’s made the work of doctors and nurses even harder.

He’s another Christian hypocrite whose legacy, whenever he goes, will have been prolonging the suffering of his own constituents.

If he gets better, it would be nice if he recognized his own role in this pandemic. But he’ll probably just claim Jesus healed him.

(via Joe. My. God. Featured image via YouTube)

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