Racist Christian Sucker-Puncher Eric Metaxas Made an Insane Music Video December 12, 2020

Racist Christian Sucker-Puncher Eric Metaxas Made an Insane Music Video

I had to watch this, so now you have to watch this.

Eric Metaxas, the racist Christian MAGA cultist sucker-puncher guy, decided to make a parody video of a Pentatonix song from years ago… and it became this monstrosity:

I don’t know what’s more troubling…

That Eric Metaxas thought he could sing?

That he has a cardboard cutout of the MyPillow guy?

That he’s still promoting all kinds of voter fraud conspiracy theories?

That he had multiple collaborators on this garbage?!

That conservative Christians still have any respect for him?

I need a shower after watching that. But it’s worth pointing out that a conservative Christian who usually bemoans the “War on Christmas” took an actual Christmas song about the birth of Christ and used it to air his political grievances. If it happened the other way around, you can bet conservatives would call this blasphemous.

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