Dave Daubenmire: I’m Organizing Large Groups to Enter Businesses Without Masks December 11, 2020

Dave Daubenmire: I’m Organizing Large Groups to Enter Businesses Without Masks

Every now and then, right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire steps away from his online show and spews garbage in print form.

Yesterday, in an article denying the pandemic, denying the usefulness of masks, and denying the death count, Daubenmire claimed that he would soon be “organizing groups” that would defy local COVID restrictions and enter businesses, without masks, in large groups.

Dare them to call the police. Let them arrest all 20 of you and then DEMAND a jury trial. Folks…they are not enforcing laws…they are enforcing ILLEGAL orders. Do not do it alone. Do it as a group. Overwhelm the system. Put a stop to this foolishness.

This is Christian terrorism.

The reason you shouldn’t go anywhere in large maskless groups is because there’s a deadly disease that can be spread through the air. To walk into a restaurant or local business and put everyone who works there in danger because you’re too dumb and selfish to listen to health experts puts lives at risk.

Notice Daubenmire isn’t saying these large groups should walk into churches. He isn’t throwing a party at his house — or his Airbnb. He isn’t even urging them to walk into the offices of elected Republicans.

He isn’t satisfied unless the people who stand to suffer the most from his delusions are the ones who have absolutely nothing to do with the issue.

Business owners want to be open. Restaurants want to be open. Schools want to be open. They can’t, because it’s not safe for anybody, not because they’re caving in to some kind of liberal conspiracy theory.

If Daubemire pulled his head out of his ass for a few minutes each day, and spoke to a nurse or epidemiologist, maybe he’d learn something. Instead, the only thing this Christian has to offer is a new way to kill other people for his unrighteous cause.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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