Conspiracy Theorist: I Will Refuse the COVID Vaccine Even “If Jesus Takes It” December 11, 2020

Conspiracy Theorist: I Will Refuse the COVID Vaccine Even “If Jesus Takes It”

Not that anyone was asking, but conservative activist and conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine wants you to know that she will never, ever take a COVID-19 vaccine — not even if Jesus were to take it:

“Apparently Donald Trump just said he’s willing to take the vaccine also live on TV,” Lorraine complained. “I don’t like this. You know, Trump, probably 80 percent of your base does not want that vaccine. They are not willing to take a foreign, rushed substance and jab it into our arms. I don’t care who takes it. I don’t care if Jesus takes it, I’m not taking the vaccine.

“It’s weird, and it makes me feel uncomfortable that President Trump is jumping on the bandwagon with [Barack] Obama and the Clintons and Bill Gates and now [Anthony] Fauci and [Gov. Andrew] Cuomo, saying they’re going to take this live on TV,” she continued. “We don’t care. In fact, you know, the more you guys do this weird, desperate attempt to try to convince us that the vaccine is safe that was rushed at warp speed, the more uneasy I feel with the vaccine. So, President Trump, if you’re smart, if you don’t want to lose your base of support, please don’t keep jumping on this vaccine bandwagon and saying you’re gonna join these clowns and take the vaccine live on TV.”

Fun facts: The Moderna vaccine were created back in March. Pfizer’s was created by April. The vaccines were developed in large part before any lockdowns ever began. The only reason the vaccine approvals are happening now is because it took several months to test them, make sure they were effective, and see if there were any side effects. That’s a faster timeline than we’ve ever seen for a vaccine, but the speed in this case has to do with so many organizations and individuals working on the same project — along with a healthy dose of funding from governments across the world for many of the vaccine candidates. (It helped that COVID-19 was a particular strain of coronavirus, a virus scientists have seen in action before.)

The point is: The “warp speed” in getting the vaccine is a testament to scientific progress, not a sign that corners were cut on matters of safety. Oh, the things you can learn if you simply take the time to do some research.

Even beyond all that, it’s hard to imagine inhabiting the brain of someone who thinks she knows more than disease experts, without even a fraction of the same education and training. That’s arrogance at play, not critical thinking. In Lorraine’s world, we’re better off having no vaccine even if it means losing thousands of people every day for several more months, quarantining indoors for even longer, and preparing for more holidays via Zoom.

It’s easy to make that sacrifice when you’re planning to ignore all those precautions anyway.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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