Michele Bachmann: “My Vote Was Stolen” By Satan! December 10, 2020

Michele Bachmann: “My Vote Was Stolen” By Satan!

Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann, last seen praying to God to give Donald Trump a second term, is now insisting (with zero evidence) that her vote for Trump was “stolen“… by Satan.

(Spoiler: No it wasn’t. No he didn’t.)

She made the comment during a rally in Georgia on Friday.

“From the political point of view, from the legal point of view, from the moral point of view, America is not on board with Joe Biden as the next president of the United States,” Bachmann said. “We’re not there. And the reason why we’re not there is because we’re not that dumb in the United States because we know, without a shadow of a doubt, this man did not get the votes on election night. It didn’t happen. Donald Trump got the votes on election night. So, why would we be like drones, chumps, and fools to go along with this?”

Bachmann said that election night was “when Satan was snatching away from America rule by the consent of the governed.”

“In other words, [Satan was] stealing from us our right to vote,” she proclaimed. “I am highly offended, insulted, angry, and I’m not going to stand for the fact that my vote was stolen!

As her friends love to say, facts don’t care about her feelings. If Bachmann has evidence of theft, she should provide it. She doesn’t, so she won’t.

The numbers speak for themselves: Trump lost the election to Joe Biden. It wasn’t even close. There’s no evidence of voter fraud, let alone any evidence of supernatural voter fraud. Plus, you would think if Satan wanted to rig an election, he would’ve been working for the other side, not the side of the devout Catholic.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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