Christians Plan to Walk in Circles Seven Times to Overturn the Election Results December 9, 2020

Christians Plan to Walk in Circles Seven Times to Overturn the Election Results

In yet another reminder of how damn silly religion is, conservative Christians are planning to host “Jericho Marches” this Saturday in various cities. Participants will gather at their state capitols and “march around them seven times until the walls of voter fraud and corruption fall down.”

They’re literally going to walk in circles to undo the election results because this is what their faith teaches them will change the past. And also because these are not smart people.

Speakers at the event in Washington, D.C. include convicted felon Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, sucker-puncher Eric Metaxas, woman who doesn’t want other women to vote Abby Johnson, self-described faith healer Cindy Jacobs, and (for good measure) the MyPillow guy.

Incidentally, the Battle of Jericho in the Bible — the one that involves walking around a city seven times — resulted in a lot of dead people. Including babies. But these are “pro-life” Christians we’re talking about. They don’t care if you die after you leave the birth canal.

If any journalist is asking organizers about the biblical roots of this protest, I would suggest asking them how the story ends.

(via Joe. My. God. Image via Facebook)

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