Alabama City Officials Relocate Drive-Thru Nativity to Avoid Legal Problems December 9, 2020

Alabama City Officials Relocate Drive-Thru Nativity to Avoid Legal Problems

For some reason, the city of Opelika, Alabama thought it’d be fine to host a drive-through Nativity scene on government property this month.

But then city officials must have realized they are still part of the United States and not, to their surprise, immune from the law. So they finally moved it to private property.

Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller tells News 3 the Nativity scene can still be enjoyed at National Village in Opelika.

The event was originally going to be located at the Sportsplex. Based on previous decisions by the Supreme Court, the city thought it would be best if we remove the nativity display from city property. Our friends at National Village and Ab Conner were thrilled to welcome this event to their development,” said Mayor Fuller.

It’s not that surprising that this controversy is taking place here, given that Opelika High school was offering formal prayers at football games until last year. When that stopped, and students prayed on their own, they wrongly thought they were sticking it to atheists because… well, they don’t know any better. This is also a place where a local ministry once quoted Hitler on a billboard.

At least this time, they’re recognizing the mistake before it’s too late. The Freedom From Religion Foundation didn’t even have to send a letter. But this is why those warnings matter. The city knew people would complain, so they decided to be pro-active in order to avoid the problem.

That should be the norm, not the exception.

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