COVID-Denying Christians Are Gathering in Groups Today to Sing Christmas Carols December 6, 2020

COVID-Denying Christians Are Gathering in Groups Today to Sing Christmas Carols

You — smart, scientific, sensible — understand what the Pandemic Rules are: Don’t congregate with large groups in small spaces. Go outdoors only when necessary, and if you do, wear masks and social distance.

Today, a group of right-wing Christians who think mask mandates and CDC suggestions are a form of religious persecution — because they’re not smart, scientific, or sensible — are gathering in small groups to sing Christmas carols to show they’re “fed up with govt officials imposing restrictions on how you celebrate Christmas.”

While the “Sing It Louder” gatherings are outdoors, there’s nothing on the website urging people to distance from each other or wear masks. Obviously, by singing next to each other — “LOUDLY” — they risk spreading the virus as if they were inside an enclosed space… which means they’re ultimately putting strangers’ lives at risk as a way of fighting back against persecution that exists only in their own heads.

Look at this pathetic flyer they’re sharing explaining their act of ignorance:

Just to state the obvious, no one is stopping them from celebrating anything. They can mail presents out, they can do a virtual call with family members, they can watch a church service from their homes. They can even sing Christmas carols over the phone. It’s obviously not the same as gathering in person, but guess what? We’re all in the same boat.

Some people just aren’t happy unless everyone is suffering. These Christians don’t want the pandemic to end. If they did, they would listen to the scientists, and not the right-wing science deniers urging them to keep spreading COVID in the name of Jesus.

This is what happens when you’re so brainwashed, you think a red holiday cup at Starbucks is some kind of attack on your faith. Instead of understanding we’re all dealing with this unwanted situation, these Christians believe the world is out to get them specifically.

It’s utterly idiotic. This is an optional gathering that serves no useful purpose. But it’ll probably end up killing some elderly relatives, which, I guess, is what these Christians want.

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