Pastor Who Blamed COVID on Gay People Now Says Biden Supporters “Are Cursed” December 4, 2020

Pastor Who Blamed COVID on Gay People Now Says Biden Supporters “Are Cursed”

Back in early March, Pastor Steven Andrew of the USA Christian Church — which sounds big but is really just him — claimed that COVID was God’s punishment for homosexuality. And that if gay people would just stop being so gay, COVID would go away.

COVID hasn’t gone away. If you’re looking for someone to blame, you’d be better off looking at Christians who defy mask mandates and gather in their indoor churches in close proximity with each other than gay people who have followed quarantine rules.

That means Andrew needs a new grift. So he’s now claiming that supporters of Joe Biden are… cursed.

We need to stand up for President Trump. We know that God’s Will is President Trump. Look: President Trump is pro-life. He loves America. He boldly says “In God We Trust” and plays “God Bless the USA.” And he helps the economy recover. He’s wise. And this helps the poor people. So God’s will is for President Trump.

On the other hand, we see Joe Biden and the Democrats. They remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance, and that means the people following Joe Biden are cursed. If you want to be cursed, then go ahead and defend Joe Biden and the Devil.

I thought the Biden-supporters-are-cursed thing was the delusional part, but the first part of that clip is so much worse. Imagine how brainwashed you have to be to think Trump is “wise” and loves anything but himself.

To state the obvious, Trump deserves blame for the 272,000+ COVID deaths so far, so he’s far from “pro-life.” Our economy is tanking. And Democrats didn’t remove God from the Pledge — nor did atheists, for that matter.

Anyway, all that’s to say I need to see this man’s browser history. For research. I’ve never wanted anything more.

(via Joe. My. God., who has a much more blunt take on all this)

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