“Sky Daddy” is Going Viral After a Confrontation Outside an Abortion Clinic December 2, 2020

“Sky Daddy” is Going Viral After a Confrontation Outside an Abortion Clinic

It doesn’t really feel like news — certainly not for this atheist — to hear someone refer to God as “Sky Daddy.” But when it’s outside an abortion clinic and aimed at a Christian protester whose goal is to shame and prevent women from receiving health care, it feels deserved.

There’s a TikTok video going viral in which clinic escort Wendy Shannon told an anti-choice protester, “So go off, Jennifer. Is that the validation you want from sky daddy? Calling people a coward?”

It. Is. Glorious.

That video has been viewed millions of times across social media. And while comedian Patton Oswald has a whole hilarious bit about “sky cake,” the phrase “Sky Daddy” isn’t often uttered outside online atheist forums, so it took on a life of its own on Twitter.

Incidentally, Wendy Shannon says she went out with “Jennifer” the following day to discuss their differences… and it didn’t go well, partly because Jesus got in the way of a normal human interaction.

(via The Mary Sue. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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