Televangelist: Vermont’s Sensible COVID Quarantine Rule “Sounds Like Nazism” December 1, 2020

Televangelist: Vermont’s Sensible COVID Quarantine Rule “Sounds Like Nazism”

Pastor George Pearsons, the son-in-law of televangelist Kenneth Copeland, has been saying for weeks now that God is very unhappy with the election results to the point where ballots themselves are in Heaven and “crying out” to be counted. He even flipped a table over last week to make some sort of point about (non-existent) election fraud.

His brain has still not healed.

On Sunday, Pearsons spoke about how the state of Vermont recently said public school students who visit family members in person over Thanksgiving could be required to quarantine from home for up to two weeks.

Naturally, he jumped to the only analogy he could think of.

“This pandemic has been used, it’s been used as a tool for socialism indoctrination,” Pearsons preached. “We’re witnessing serious governmental overreach. Businesses, schools, churches; they’ve all been shut down. And they’re trying to train us, and they’re trying to train our children how to live under governmental tyranny.”

“That sounds like Nazism,” Pearsons fumed. “I can hear, and you’ve all watched movies with Nazis and the way they talk — this is the same thing here.”

The Nazis killed millions of innocent people under the orders of a murderous dictator.

Vermont officials are politely reminding people of the consequences if they make risky decisions that might jeopardize the health of strangers.

And Pearsons is too deluded to understand the difference. All persecution is Hitleresque in his Christian bubble.

Stay in school, kids. Don’t let George Pearsons happen to you.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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