Catholic Blowhard Condemns Christian Lawmaker for Saying Catholicism is “Heresy” November 30, 2020

Catholic Blowhard Condemns Christian Lawmaker for Saying Catholicism is “Heresy”

Earlier this month, John Jacob was elected to Indiana’s State House, comfortably winning his race in District 93. But before that election took place, the Christian street evangelist was under fire for comments he had made on social media trashing the Catholic Church.

He wasn’t criticizing the Church for the sexual abuse or the cover-ups of the sexual abuse — which would be perfectly warranted. He was complaining that Catholics were somehow Hell-bound heretics… because they didn’t fit his narrow definition of True Christianity™. (We can safely predict what he thinks about Jews, Muslims, atheists, etc.)

An Instagram page highlighted some of those comments:

Here’s the amusing thing about all this: Jacob has pissed off Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, who rarely condemns Republicans for their bigotry. Donohue never has a problem when lawmakers trash other faiths but a Republican condemning Catholics?! NEVER!

It is amusing to note he didn’t issue a scathing public press release like he usually does. Instead, his website simply points people to a letter he sent last week:

I am asking that you renounce these anti-Catholic remarks and pledge never to make them again. If you do so by the end of the month… it would put an end to this issue.

Needless to say, Jacob hasn’t responded even though it’s the end of the month. And I would bet good money that Donohue will never follow-up on this because he’ll be too busy whining about a priest joke on some late-night TV show. That’s the real concern for people with broken brains.

I doubt it’ll be the last we hear of Jacob, though. This is a guy who protested against women’s rights outside the Indiana Capitol while wearing “a partially dismembered child’s doll made to look like a bloody aborted fetus attached to a cord around his neck.”

He’s also been using his campaign account to promote Christianity:

Obviously, if a Muslim lawmaker did this, conservatives would be having a collective aneurysm. But because he’s a right-wing extremist, there’s no reason to think there will be any consequences because the Republican Party doesn’t give a damn when people on their side cross a line.

(via Joe. My. God. Top screenshot via YouTube)

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