Virginia Pastor in Charge of Anti-Mask Christian Daycare Says Virus is a “Hoax” November 23, 2020

Virginia Pastor in Charge of Anti-Mask Christian Daycare Says Virus is a “Hoax”

It’s bad enough that the COVID-related irresponsibility of so many people has caused shutdowns across the country, but a Christian daycare in Virginia sent out a deranged letter to parents after the state forced it to close because it was putting people in danger.

Here’s the situation: Little Lambs Christian Dayschool in Radford began receiving complaints after a teacher who worked with students despite not wearing a mask tested positive for the virus. The head of Fairlawn Christian Academy (which oversees the daycare), Pastor Stephen Phillips, responded by telling parents to relax and that government health officials couldn’t be trusted.

That led to an investigation by the state which resulted in a suspension of their food-service permit — effectively shutting the place down since they can’t feed the kids. The state resorted to that step because the pastor refused to take any COVID precautions and government officials don’t have the authority to shut down a religious facility that doesn’t rely on a state daycare license.

Last week, Phillips sent a letter to parents complaining about this supposed persecution — falsely blaming the shutdown on the state and not himself — and urging them to make a big damn deal about it because their religion was under attack.

The bold text is in the original letter:

… Because we have refused to adopt state mandated Covid guidelines, we have had our license to do business rescinded… Please feel free to convey your indignation and contempt to the Montgomery County Health Department and Governor [Ralph] Northam.

If you are not already aware, the entire Covid pandemic has been a hoax to establish an [sic] the anti-Christ Kingdom on earth. It is a direct assault against the Church and will be used to bring about a One World government…

… The coming vaccine is like none before it. It literally changes your DNA to protect you from viruses… Clearly it meets all the criteria and requirements of the Mark of the Beast…

Dear lord… Imagine sending your children to a daycare specifically so they can be brainwashed by people like this.

For the record, the pastor is lying. The vaccines don’t alter your DNA — they can’t — and the virus isn’t a hoax. We knew that more than 250,000 deaths ago.

What makes all of this even more ridiculous is that the daycare can open back up if they simply adhere to basic health precautions. But they care more about pretending to be persecuted than the safety of their staff and the children in their care.

The parents should stop putting their faith in front of their families’ health and send their kids to a secular daycare where the adults actually respect the health and well-being of everyone there.

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