Imitating Jesus, Preacher Flips Table in Reaction to Supposed Election Fraud November 23, 2020

Imitating Jesus, Preacher Flips Table in Reaction to Supposed Election Fraud

Pastor George Pearsons, the son-in-law of televangelist Kenneth Copeland, has been saying for days now that God is very unhappy with the election results to the point where ballots themselves are in Heaven and “crying out” to be counted.

During a sermon on Sunday, he showed his audience a picture of ballot counters in different states, sitting at their tables, and doing their jobs.

This, Pearsons said, was somehow sinister. He alluded to the story in the Bible where Jesus walks into a temple and overturns the tables of the money-changers, presumably because they shouldn’t be desecrating a place of worship. Even though the ballot-counters were doing precisely what they were supposed to, Pearsons saw this as sinful.

Then he flipped a literal table.

I saw this picture of the people and the ballots. And what my eye was drawn to was the tables. The tables.

And what the Lord started to talk to me about was, He went through and He overturned the tables. What are on those tables? Ballots. Ballots. And what I could see was He was walking up and down those aisles, and He started turning over the tables. The tables are being turned over. Those tables are being turned over. The tables are being turned over! And he came to a table and He turned it over!

[Flips table]

Glory to the Lord!… Glory to God! Enough! Enough! Enough!

Apparently, Pearsons doesn’t even want votes to be counted. His Lord and Savior Donald Trump must remain in power no matter what the majority of voters — and the majority of the Electoral College — says.

Jesus got angry because people were doing something they should not have been.

Pearsons got angry because people did their jobs, and he doesn’t like the outcome, because conservative Christians are sore losers.

There’s a difference. He would know that if he ever read the Bible instead of the Republican Party’s playbook.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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