Christian News Site: “It’s Highly Possible” Trump Won the Election He Just Lost November 23, 2020

Christian News Site: “It’s Highly Possible” Trump Won the Election He Just Lost

Charisma publisher Stephen Strang has spent the past few years defending Donald Trump at all costs, even saying Trump’s critics were influenced by Satan.

Now that the election is over and Trump has lost, Strang is claiming there’s still a chance because “The media does not pick the winner of any election.”

… My word to the body of Christ and to our nation during this season of political unrest is simple: The media does not pick the winner of any election. On Saturday, Nov. 7, when The Associated Press called the election in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden, we saw that they’ve basically given themselves that responsibility — but it’s not theirs to take.

With all this in mind, I believe it’s highly possible, in fact, probable, that Trump will end up winning the 2020 presidential election. Courts make decisions on the basis of compelling evidence, not hearsay. We must take care not to listen to the negative press on this issue. When Trump is reelected, he’ll clean up a lot of this corruption — the corruption he warned us about ahead of time, if you recall.

The last line is downright laughable. Trump didn’t drain the swamp; Trump enlarged it. The corruption we’re seeing centers around him.

But in any case, Trump won’t win the election because Trump already lost it. The media didn’t “pick” someone; they reported on the winners like they’ve done for many decades. (You can see a thorough rundown of how the Associated Press does it right here.)

What’s especially interesting is how at no point does Strang mention that Charisma published pieces declaring Donald Trump the winner of the 2016 elections almost immediately — even before any formal concession from Hillary Clinton. One piece even said, “Stop calling Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee. He’s now the president-elect, and in 71 days, he will be the 45th president of the United States.” (Even a Christian-based publication counts as “the media,” does it not?)

There’s no self-awareness by Strang. Not even an acknowledgment that his own publication did what he’s decrying now — and the current vote counts in purple states are nowhere near as close as they were four years ago. This is the very definition of hypocrisy — and completely unbecoming of someone who runs any kind of media outlet that wants to be taken seriously.

The media didn’t pick the winner. In the minds of many Democrats, various outlets dragged out stating what appeared to be obvious because they wanted to be certain. That’s why a winner was officially declared on a Saturday, several days after the polls closed. (Even FOX News used a respected analyst.)

Strang’s guy lost. But like Trump, he refuses to concede because he’s a sore loser.

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