Rick Wiles: People in PA Should Chase Trans Health Secretary “Out of the State” November 20, 2020

Rick Wiles: People in PA Should Chase Trans Health Secretary “Out of the State”

Always looking for new ways to wreak havoc on innocent people, right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles is trying to rally Pennsylvania citizens to chase transgender health secretary Dr. Rachel Levine out of the state.

(This is the same Rick Wiles who, also this week, threatened the lives of liberals in Florida.)

“That’s a man in a dress,” Wiles fumed. “You’re mentally ill, Dr. Levine. You’re mentally ill, and no normal person should listen to you. You need mental health counseling. You need deliverance.”

“To the people of Pennsylvania,” he continued, “you are absolutely insane if you let that transvestite freak rule your life. … You’re going to that transvestite freak? Seriously?”

“Chase that freak out of the state,” Wiles bellowed. “Chase it out of the state. Rise up in Pennsylvania, and chase that freak out of the state! You don’t have to tolerate this stuff.”

Besides the mislabeling and outright bigotry, it’s appalling that a conspiracy theorist is calling a health professional “insane.”

What caused Wiles to go on this rant was Levine’s announcement that Pennsylvania would expand its face mask requirements.

Good on Levine for having the guts to do what many in her position refuse to do to help curb the spread of the virus. A little inconvenience now will save a lot of hospital space and devastation down the road.

Wiles, who doesn’t give a damn about other people, isn’t just perpetuating the pandemic. He’s trying to hurt the messenger, too. He’s like a kid who cries when asked to eat a vegetable, too short-sighted to understand that sometimes things you don’t like are actually good for you.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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