This Preacher is Angry at Dominion Voting Machines Because “That’s Our Word!” November 19, 2020

This Preacher is Angry at Dominion Voting Machines Because “That’s Our Word!”

Of the many election-related conspiracies floated by Donald Trump and his allies, one of the most outrageous involves machines made by Dominion Voting Systems that Trump says deleted nearly 3 million votes that should’ve been his. (That’s not true.)

Yesterday, that topic came up on the show “America Stands,” part of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Host Greg Stephens brought it up with preacher Mark T. Barclay, but the men got into a weird tangent when they began trashing to company for having the name “Dominion” since they said that word was clearly an attack on Christianity.

STEPHENS: … Barclay, I hear Dominion software, it makes me angry because the believer was given dominion, and… how dare they use that to steal an election? That name — something rises up in me, this whole Dominion software thing, there in Michigan.

BARCLAY: 99%… 99% of anybody who uses the word “Dominion” is Christianity. And, again — this is just how I see it, guys, and I think I see it right. I mean, I don’t want to sound arrogant, but look — They’re stealing Christianity and everything important that’s us. It’s called Anti-Christ. They steal Christmas from us. It turns into Santa Claus and flying reindeer, etc. They steal Easter from us and it’s a bunny with eggs… and this word “dominion.” That’s our word. That’s a Bible word. It’s almost like, how dare you even use it in this context?

And then, if you look into Dominion — you know, I’m not an IT guy, but I’m not deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid either — you look into this software, and what it does, and how easily it can be manipulated. And by the way, who’s manipulating it and who’s governing it? This is Anti-Christ, anti-America, anti-justice, anti-fairness — and it’s being proven! And so they need to do something about it, like maybe just get rid of it.

This is what happens when you give a delusional old man air time to say anything he wants. His Persecution Complex acts up and he turns into a victim.

Let’s say it again: There’s no evidence the machines were responsible for any kind of fraud, certainly not in a way that would flip the election. And if Barclay thinks people are stealing Christmas and Easter from Christians, just wait until he learns about what Christians stole from Pagans…

This whole Dominion conspiracy is nothing more than a right-wing fantasy that’s emerging because their hopes rested on the worst candidate in history who also dragged this country into a ditch. Instead of admitting their ideas and president are just unpopular, they’re going with fraud. And since they don’t have evidence of fraud, this guy is claiming it’s actually part of some sinister plot against Christians.

It’s all insane. But these people now make up a sizable portion of the Republican base.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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