This Christian Blogger Can’t Understand Why Any Evangelicals Voted for Biden November 18, 2020

This Christian Blogger Can’t Understand Why Any Evangelicals Voted for Biden

You’re all familiar with Christian blogger and professional mommy-shamer Lori Alexander (a.k.a. “The Transformed Wife”) because she routinely has the worst takes on everything. Like when she said COVID was a blessing or when she said you should discipline your child with force because “it has to hurt.”

Every now and then, her husband jumps in to offer some advice. You won’t believe this, but it’s just as thoughtless.

Yesterday, Ken Alexander penned an open letter to evangelical Christians who voted for Joe Biden because he just doesn’t understand it!

Its a typical right-wing screed that includes words like “socialist,” “feminism,” and “immorality” — as if Biden is every progressive voter’s dream candidate — but this particular batch of outright lies really stands out:

You must have forgotten that Democrats tried to shut down pastors from teaching some parts of God’s Word, and forcing abortions and same sex employees into 501c Christian organizations until President Trump signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

None of that is true. Even the most liberal Democrats have never dictated to pastors what they can or cannot preach, forced abortions upon anybody (there’s a reason it’s a “choice”), or demanded Christian groups hire gay people. The only grain of truth in that statement is that progressives do not believe taxpayer funding should benefit faith-based groups that openly discriminate against LGBTQ people. (They can be bigots on their own dime.)

It never occurs to Ken that the reason some white evangelicals voted for Biden, even if they backed Donald Trump in 2016, is because the hypocrisy became too much to ignore and Trump’s cruelty, ignorance, and lies weren’t worth preserving.

Anyone concerned about abortions would be better off alleviating the systemic issues that often lead women to have them, not blanket-banning them altogether and forcing poor women and preachers’ daughters to travel to blue states for the procedure.

Ken also claims “Democrats control the media” and that “[Facebook] and Twitter and are censoring conservatives so that Biden could win.” Which, again, is laughable because those social networks routinely cater to conservatives — letting them swamp the sites with trash without any real penalties for it.

There’s a reason conservatives continue promoting their Facebook and Twitter pages instead of just moving altogether to right-wing sites like Parler — they would much rather troll liberals than speak to each other. Even they don’t want to listen to other conservatives.

In any case, this is what happens when you live in a right-wing evangelical bubble. You believe bullshit. You think the world is out to get you. You think you’re always being persecuted. And you think you’re righteous even though we’re all reeling from the consequences of conservatives’ bad ideas and bad faith.

What’s sad is how few white evangelicals voted for the Democrat. It’s slightly better than four years ago, but the entire religion is a moral dumpster fire.

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