People Are Explaining Why They Left Church Using the Hashtag #ILeftBecause November 18, 2020

People Are Explaining Why They Left Church Using the Hashtag #ILeftBecause

On Monday, conservative Rod Dreher wrote about why Millennials were abandoning evangelical Christianity. Someone whose kids walked away from the faith, Dreher said, blamed Donald Trump and the MAGA-ness of so many churches, but Dreher didn’t believe that was the full extent of it.

He posted a letter from a different reader that offered even more suggestions: The lack of orthodoxy or adherence to tradition, a diluted presentation of the Gospel message, the constant persecution rhetoric even when it’s obviously exaggerated, the inability to care about any issue other than abortion, anything sex-related, etc.

A lot of those make sense to me. Some of those strike me as grasping for straws, as if trying to make church more appealing to younger people backfired and drove them away when a more conservative approach (i.e. Boring church) would’ve kept them in the fold.

In any case, it led blogger Chrissy Stroop to ask people to share their own reasons for walking away from conservative Christianity using the hashtag #ILeftBecause:

The responses are worth a read. Here are just a few of them:

There are, unfortunately, many more stories where those came from. Feel free to add your own.

Whenever pastors try explaining why young people walk away from church, they often blame the bad eggs. The pastors who water down the Bible or commit moral failures. They rarely recognize the lies or the (spiritual, mental, physical) abuse because those things are baked right into the system.

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