Pat Robertson: “I Still Think Trump’s Gonna Ultimately Win” November 18, 2020

Pat Robertson: “I Still Think Trump’s Gonna Ultimately Win”

Even as Republicans slowly and begrudgingly begin to accept the reality that Donald Trump lost the election, televangelist Pat Robertson remains hopeful that the votes will somehow get reversed. On The 700 Club yesterday, he suggested that Trump could eke out a win and that the alternative was handing the country over to Satan.

… In the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of delusion that has come across our land. We will not surrender our nation. We will not give up this great country. And Satan, you cannot have it. In the name of Jesus. And I began to pray, and I believe God has heard. And I’m asking everybody in this audience to pray. It isn’t over yet.

And I do not think, again, He wants to turn this nation over to socialism and Bernie Sanders and AOC and those people are pure socialists and they want to take over control of everything. They want to run all the business. They want to run all the industry. They want to redo all the, uh, energy we’ve got. They want to take away your cars. They want to stop people flying airplanes. I mean, it is crazy what they have.

We cannot allow that. So let us pray. And… what am I hearing? I still think Trump’s gonna ultimately win.

Pat Robertson hears a lot of things. None of them are worth taking seriously. Especially when they include demonstrable lies like progressives trying to prevent people from flying.

Even if Democratic administrations were actually under Satanic control, I’m not sure what he’s so worried about. Christians can sleep soundly knowing there’s always an opportunity to overturn the results… in the next election. They’ve done it before.

It’s never a good sign, though, when a batshit insane comment from Robertson doesn’t even raise any eyebrows because we’ve heard the same things time and time again from Republican politicians.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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