Trump Celebrates College Dean Who Claimed Biden Voters Were All “Anti-Christian” November 16, 2020

Trump Celebrates College Dean Who Claimed Biden Voters Were All “Anti-Christian”

Last week, a private Facebook post made by Paul Ewell, a dean at Virginia Wesleyan University, went public after a screenshot was shared. The batshit crazy rant urged friends of his who voted for Joe Biden to unfriend him — or they could tell him they were Democrats so he could do the honors himself.

He added: “If you were ignorant, anti-American, and anti-Christian enough to vote for Biden, I really don’t want to be your social friend on social media.”

The idea that Biden voters are “ignorant, anti-American, and anti-Christian” is beyond parody, in part because many Trump voters have spent four years accepting his lies and watching him destroy the country, and in part because many of Biden’s voters would consider themselves devout Christians.

(Also hilarious? The idea that those Biden voters were actual friends of his who would want to “hang out… in real life.”)

The post caused a stir on campus for obvious reasons. Students pointed to his “flat-out name-calling” and an immature attitude that doesn’t befit someone in his position. It’s not that he’s a Trump supporter. It’s that Paul Ewell was perpetuating gross generalizations about Democrats, many of whom are his own students.

Then along came Donald Trump to make everything worse. Yesterday morning, he retweeted a news story about the issue calling it “Progress!”

It’s not clear what he’s referring to: The idea that a professor said it? The news coverage of the matter?

Whatever the case, Trump obviously endorsed Ewell’s statement, which means he also believes Biden’s voters — who exist in far greater numbers than his own, I should add — are all “ignorant, anti-American, and anti-Christian.”

As CNN’s Jake Tapper noted, it was a controversy when Hillary Clinton referred to half of Trump’s supporters as “deplorable” — though she said in that very moment that she was offering a generalization to make a larger point — and yet here’s Trump writing off more than 78 million Americans as enemies and it won’t get much coverage at all because we now expect the leader of the Republican Party to treat the majority of American voters as his enemies.

Don’t wait for elected Republicans to denounce this. They won’t. They’re either spineless or they agree with the sentiment. Same with many white evangelical pastors, too — they believe True Christians™ must vote for Republicans, and anyone who voted for Biden did a disservice to Jesus.

Just goes to show you Clinton had a point. If anything, she underestimated how many people fell into the deplorable basket.

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