Pro-Trump “Prophets” Keep Insisting Trump Won the Election (Even Though He Lost) November 16, 2020

Pro-Trump “Prophets” Keep Insisting Trump Won the Election (Even Though He Lost)

Ever resistant to the reality that the rest of us inhabit, the so-called “prophets” who support Donald Trump continue to insist that he will get a second term as president, no matter how much evidence points the other way.

Right Wing Watch rounded up some of the voices doing more to elevate Trump than promote their faith.

Here’s just a glimpse at the misinformation coming from that crowd:

On Friday morning, the Elijah List, which sends subscribers “daily prophetic words,” described the current moment as “one of massive consequence for the nation as a whole and for conservative charismatic Christians in particular.”

On the natural, non-spiritual side, either Donald Trump has pulled off the political feat of a lifetime, convincing tens of millions of Americans to reject the results of a fairly contested election.

Or Trump is the victim of the most massive electoral fraud in our history, the exposing of which will shake our nation to its foundations.

These people truly believe that the election was rigged by Democrats, even though the only evidence we have of any voter fraud was committed by Republicans. But even if the votes get recounted, the outcome is obvious: No win for Joe Biden will be accepted. They’re sore losers, just like their leader.

Indeed, several prophets have publicly told God that he must keep Trump in the White House to avoid exposing his “prophets” to mockery because their predictions did not come to pass.

On Monday, Elijah Streams posted an interview with “prophet” Kat Kerr, who insisted that God was saying Trump will win. She even claimed that if there is a “mock” swearing-in of Joe Biden, “it will not stick.” The prophets who prophesied Trump’s victory were not wrong, she said, and should stop apologizing.

The funny thing is that some of these people could possibly earn back a small modicum of respect from the public — or at least some of their critics — if they simply admitted they were mistaken or that they confused their personal desires with God’s Plan.

This doubling down and refusing to admit defeat makes them look even more ridiculous the longer it all drags on. There wasn’t much of a reason to take them seriously before, but there’s absolutely no reason to take them seriously now.

If I were a prophet, I’d say that they’re being punished for making politics their God.

(via Right Wing Watch. Image via Shutterstock)

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