Anti-Abortion Activist: Every Church Should “Defy Lockdown” and Gather In Person November 15, 2020

Anti-Abortion Activist: Every Church Should “Defy Lockdown” and Gather In Person

When the history of this year is written, let it be known that the self-described “pro-life” crowd did more than anyone else to lead to the COVID-related deaths of 240,000 people (and counting).

Over the weekend, anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson — who said over the summer that women shouldn’t vote and that, in her ideal world, “the husband would get the final say” in how a household casts a ballot — urged her followers to defy any sort of lockdown order in order to go to church.

I used to think it was a joke when George Carlin said of the anti-abortion crowd, “If you’re pre-born, you’re fine; if you’re preschool, you’re fucked.” Turns out that’s not a gag. These people will do anything for a fetus before immediately shifting gears into driving live bodies to death.

Responsible churches have found ways to conduct services online in order to protect the health and safety of their congregations. It’s not hard to educate people from a distance — public school teachers have been doing that all year. But Johnson believes God can’t hear you — or that it doesn’t count — if you listen to a preacher over YouTube or Facebook. Seriously, she said to a critic, “Nope. You can’t get fellowship online.”

Unless you’re inside a church, shoved up against other people, singing and hugging, then returning home where you might spread the virus to other people, you’re a bad Christian.

But this is all what we can expect from the Christian anti-abortion crowd. Logic isn’t their strong suit, and they treat science as their enemy, so spreading a virus in the name of Jesus while ignoring the ever-growing body count because it doesn’t include them just fits the profile of every selfish believer you know.


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