Texas Pastor: Any Christian Who Voted for Democrats “Made a Covenant with Death” November 12, 2020

Texas Pastor: Any Christian Who Voted for Democrats “Made a Covenant with Death”

Some Christians are not handling the election results well.

Here’s Pastor Kenneth L. Redmon of Abundant Life Worship Center in Midland, Texas offering a straightforward message to his congregation: If you voted for Democrats, you deserve to die.

Every believer that voted a blue ticket made a covenant with death.

You listen to me online as well, those of you that are watching today and those of you that will see me later on, on YouTube, I’m not taking this down. You’ll see me on YouTube, you listen to me.

You believers that voted against the righteousness of God, a day of reckoning is coming. You made a covenant with death. You not only said that “I do not condemn the babies that have been aborted, I do not condemn the babies that will be aborted.” You’ve made your covenant with death and God will not forget that.

You can repent. But even after repentance, sin carries a consequence. You can pull the nail out of the piece of wood, but it will leave a scar. You can repent for it. And I’m pointing at you: God help us if anyone in this church voted [for] the unrighteous man and the unrighteous death of babies.

You put a worshipper of Moloch ahead of God’s righteousness… And what He did with Israel, He’ll do with those who have made that covenant.

Totally sane guy right there…

Redmon is saying that voters who had a problem with a Republican leader who ignored or downplayed COVID (239,000 deaths and counting), who tore apart refugee families, who was accused of sexual assault, who caused limitless misery, and whose own policies made it more likely that women would need to seek abortions in the first place deserve biblical condemnation…

Sure, they voted for decency, professionalism, and addressing the underlying problems that often lead to abortions, but THAT MAKES GOD ANGRY!!!

The truth is that if a different Christian pastor used similar words to (fairly) denounce Republicans, that guy would be condemned by right-wing and Christian media outlets everywhere. Redmon will barely be acknowledged because we’re so used to this kind of insane rhetoric from preachers like him.

(Featured screenshot via YouTube)

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