Megachurch Preachers Call on God to Hold “Another Election” so Trump Can Win November 9, 2020

Megachurch Preachers Call on God to Hold “Another Election” so Trump Can Win

Pastors George and Terri Pearsons are not happy with the results of the election. But instead of laughing off the results like Terri’s father Kenneth Copeland, they have a better idea: Just have a new election.

C’mon God, make it happen! they said in a recent service.

In every state in the United States, in the name of Jesus, every city. And Lord, we don’t just look to the presidency, but we’re asking you to straighten out every Senate race, straighten out every House race, straighten out every governorship, straighten out every state legislature, straighten out every mayor election, straighten out every city council. Straighten ’em out. Straighten ’em out. Straighten ’em out. Expose it all! Expose it all! Expose it all, Lord!

And Lord, if it be your will and if it be necessary, another election! Another voting day! Whatever it takes under Your kingdom, o God, to bring it all in line. Bring it all in line! Bring it all in line with the will of God! But we claim righteousness in the White House, righteousness in the House of Representatives, and righteousness in the Senate. And righteousness in every state, in Jesus’ name.

Can we call do-overs now? Because I’d like to redo the 2016 and 2000 elections, just for starters…

These people are practically parodies of themselves. It was God’s Will for Donald Trump to be in office, they say, but we must overturn the election results this time around because God is angry! They make it up as they go along because their followers are too ignorant to challenge them on it.

That’s what happens when you’re taught to never question cult leaders.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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