Some of Trump’s Favorite Evangelical Leaders Refuse to Accept That He Lost November 8, 2020

Some of Trump’s Favorite Evangelical Leaders Refuse to Accept That He Lost

A number of white evangelical Christians who have spent years defending Donald Trump’s corrupt, thoughtless action are now in denial that he lost the presidential race. While it’s not surprising that they can’t accept reality — wouldn’t be the first time — it’s almost embarrassing that they’re still shilling for Trump even when there’s no real obligation to keep doing it.

Here’s “spiritual adviser” Paula White posting the infamous picture of Harry Truman holding up a newspaper with a premature election call that went for his opponent. (There’s no reason to think several states are going to suddenly flip for Trump.)

Author, racist, and sucker-puncher Eric Metaxas shared the same image.

There’s also this criticism of Saturday morning’s announcements in the media that Biden was the projected winner.

That’s especially rich from David Brody, whose interviews with Trump for the Christian Broadcasting Network included hard-hitting questions like, “Did God put President Trump in office for such a time as this?”

This guy isn’t one of the evangelicals surrounding Trump but I do wonder how far this sentiment goes:

I hope every preacher tomorrow morning is preaching hope and faith in Jesus and not buying into the false narrative that Biden has won the election. If you can’t agree with what God has spoken through the prophets it might be best to say nothing about the election at all.

You would think a Biden victory would still be part of God’s Plan or else it wouldn’t have happened. Amazing how supernatural design can be so easily thwarted whenever Democrats win the White House.

Even the Falkirk Center at Liberty University suggested we need to count all the legal votes… even though that’s exactly what happened.

These are not religious leaders. These are political hustlers who have side gigs in church. They’re delusional in more ways than we ever imagined.

At some point, they’re going to start pretending like they weren’t truly defending this administration. No one should let them get away with that. They deserve to have Trump hanging around their necks for the rest of their lives considering how much suffering they caused.

(via John Fea. Featured image via Shutterstock)

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