Pastor: House Dems Should Switch Parties So GOP Can Have “220 Righteous” Seats November 6, 2020

Pastor: House Dems Should Switch Parties So GOP Can Have “220 Righteous” Seats

Pastor George Pearsons isn’t the only person claiming God is very unhappy with the election results, as he did Wednesday night during coverage on the Victory Channel.

His wife Terri Pearsons, who’s Senior Pastor at Eagle Mountain International Church, said the same thing and took it in another direction, telling House Democrats to come to Jesus immediately — and become Republican — so that the GOP can have control of the House.

“We take hold of every seat, Lord, that you assigned,” Pearsons declared. “Lord, somehow we are asking you to move that to a majority for righteousness. … And I’m asking you to strip Nancy Pelosi of her position there and reduce that majority to a minority, in the name of Jesus. We ask you, and we agree together and declare that the House becomes a majority of righteous representation.”

“Lord, whatever it takes to bring that to pass, we lay hold of a majority,” she continued. “In the name of Jesus, we take it. You said whatsoever we asked for; that’s ours to ask for. That’s ours to ask for. That belongs to us. So, we take it. We take that House for a righteous majority.

“Lord, we asked for 220 seats, righteous voting seats, in the name of Jesus,” Pearsons said. “No less than 220 righteous voting seats. We call it.”

“I’m calling for some party switchers in Jesus’s name,” she proclaimed. “I want you to get a list of every Democrat representative in the House and call them out and pray for them by name. We pray for their salvation. Some of them may be saved. Well, if they are, they need to wake up because saved people don’t kill babies. Saved people read their Bibles.”

Pearsons seems unaware that the vast majority of elected Democrats (78%!) are Bible-believing Christians, but facts like that don’t matter to members of a cult.

Pearsons doesn’t actually care who believes in Christ. She only cares about who’s willing to pledge undying loyalty to Donald Trump because that’s what her religion now centers around.

Who knew democracy would be such a threat to her God? He must be weaker than we were led to believe.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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