Pastor: God Is “Not Happy” with What Voters Are Doing to Donald Trump November 6, 2020

Pastor: God Is “Not Happy” with What Voters Are Doing to Donald Trump

Pastor George Pearsons once claimed that babies in his church “were lifting up their hands” in worship — “All of them!” — during one of his services. He said this because he’s a Christian liar.

Naturally, we shouldn’t take him seriously when he says he’s channeling God regarding the election. But on Wednesday, during election coverage on the Victory Channel, Pearson claimed God was very unhappy with the results.

“I’m not happy,” Pearsons proclaimed, speaking on behalf of God. “I’m not happy with what you’re doing to my nation, and I’m not happy about what you’re doing to my man — now he’s speaking about Mr. Trump right there. He has yielded to me. He’s endeavored to follow my word. And I am not happy with this that is going on right now.

“Lord, we’re gonna see you work,” Pearsons then began to prophesy. “We’re gonna see you work in the midst of this. And we invoke the name of Jesus and take authority over the powers and the principalities and the spirit of communism that is trying to infiltrate, overtake, and attack this nation right now. You bow your knee to the name of the Lord Jesus! You hear the voice of the Lord through this man of God. You have no authority in this. Watch me work.”

Weird how an omnipotent God couldn’t even manage to keep every swing state red. Somehow a bunch of mail-in ballots were powerful enough to undo God’s Will. That says everything you need to know about both the weakness of religion and the power of the ballot.

Then again, given that these people believe a “happy” God gave us COVID and four years of existential dread, it’s about damn time God suffered instead of all the rest of us. So let Him cry. At least sanity will be restored in the Oval Office.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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