Trump’s “Spiritual Adviser” Calls for “Angelic Reinforcement” to Secure Victory November 4, 2020

Trump’s “Spiritual Adviser” Calls for “Angelic Reinforcement” to Secure Victory

During a church service tonight, here’s what Donald Trump‘s “spiritual adviser” Paula White, who’s also head of the government’s “Faith and Opportunity Initiative” program, was doing to secure his re-election.

I’m not transcribing this. It’s just Christian gibberish. But at one point she says “angels are being dispatched right now”… and they’re from Africa and South America for some reason.

Not sure how that helps. Instead of dispatching angels to change the votes, maybe Trump should’ve just done something to win more in advance. That thought never crossed their minds. White grievance can only take you so far.

Watching this is nauseating, I know, but it’s also hopeful. Because if this is the sort of thing conservative Christians are doing to sway the election, it suggests Joe Biden is doing fairly well. You don’t need “angelic reinforcement” if you’re feeling confident about your chances of winning.

White also implied that election workers were “demonic”:

By the way, this whole service is bonkers:

(via Right Wing Watch)

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