Franklin Graham: If Joe Biden Wins, He’ll “Push the Gay Lesbian Agenda” November 4, 2020

Franklin Graham: If Joe Biden Wins, He’ll “Push the Gay Lesbian Agenda”

During an interview this week with Christian hate-group leader Tony Perkins, Christian evangelist Franklin Graham claimed that a Joe Biden presidency would be a disaster because he would promote a “gay lesbian agenda.”

You can hear it around the 7:00 mark:

Graham, who is currently the head of the evangelical Christian organization Samaritan’s Purse, said, “The Obama administration: No question, there was problems there. You had a lot of activists who were in the White House who wanted to push the gay lesbian agenda, and they targeted businesses. You know, they shut them down. Florists, bakers, people like that who refused to participate in a gay wedding.”

He added, “And I think if the Democratic Party wins again, they’ll be right back with that agenda, and they’ll be looking for businesses and ministries to target and to shut them out of business or even put them in jail. Who knows, but it’s coming.”

Leave it to a hate-fueled man to treat equality and civil rights as some sort of anti-Christian agenda.

The Obama administration and the (hopeful) Biden administration didn’t — and wouldn’t — “target” anyone. Simply put, they want Christians to play by the rules instead of getting perks to discriminate. A baker who sells cakes must sell them to gay customers as well as straight ones. Faith-based groups that receive taxpayer funding to perform a service shouldn’t be discriminating in their hiring. This isn’t complicated.

Pastors are free to spread hate in church. We expect that. We’re certainly not surprised by that. They don’t have to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, acknowledge trans people, treat women with dignity, or accept interracial couples. But when they’re in the public square, those hateful beliefs shouldn’t be tolerated. Don’t like it? Then don’t own a public business or accept state or federal funding.

Also, I have yet to see a Christian put in jail for being a bigot. Graham is lying about that because his entire career is built on lying to Christians.

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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