Kirk Cameron: “Disguised” Commies and Socialists Are “Knocking on Our Doors” November 3, 2020

Kirk Cameron: “Disguised” Commies and Socialists Are “Knocking on Our Doors”

There’s surely no one you would rather hear from on Election Day than Christian actor and “Crocoduck” enthusiast Kirk Cameron, who appears on FOX News on Monday to explain why Halloween and social justice are all part of a larger Communist plot. Somehow.

He said this while offering commentary on the election.

“I can tell you that as I travel the country and teach in churches, I’m seeing a couple things that are just astounding,” the actor explained. “The enthusiasm level for people going out and rallying for a presidential election is unbelievable. Ninety-six mile car train, 30,000 vehicles, 58,000 people in Pennsylvania. Regardless of the side of the aisle you’re on, this enthusiasm level is unprecedented.”

“Secondly of all, I see people of faith waking up to the scary idea that socialism and communism are knocking on our doors this Halloween season,” he added. “And they’re disguised in the costumes of public health and social justice.”

Actually, it’s the liberals — or, as Cameron refers to them, the Communists and Socialists — who were encouraging people not to go knocking on doors this Halloween. And it’s downright laughable that Cameron and others who share his beliefs are using “social justice” and “public health” as insults and smears. (Oh no! Not equal rights! Not affordable healthcare! Not more money for public schools! The horror!)

What virtues are Cameron and the rest of his ilk selling? Voter suppression? Racism? Christian Nationalism? Increased coronavirus rates from not wearing masks or social distancing? Hard pass.

(via Raw Story)

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